Welcome to http://SIGScholars.com/. This website was created as a forum for you, as a SIGScholar, to comment on the importance of higher education and the opportunities it provides. As an introduction, I put forth the following for you thoughtful consideration and discussion:

Russell Conwell founded Temple University in 1888 to provide students regardless of background or means the opportunity to receive a first class higher education. This mission is exemplified by the motto of Temple University, Per Severantia Vincit, or Perserverance Conquers.

Townsend Harris founded City College of New York in 1847 based upon the dictum “Open the doors to all. Let the children of the rich and the poor take their seats together and know of no distinction save that of industry, good conduct, and intellect.”

As a SIGScholar, how have the dreams of Russell Conwell and Townsend Harris impacted your life and your future?

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