SIGScholars is a website dedicated to the recipients of SIG Scholarships at Temple University and The City College of New York. The website provides a forum for SIGScholars to contribute essays about the importance of higher education and the opportunities higher education provides.

In 2007 Ronnyjane Goldsmith endowed the SIG Scholarship at Temple University so that the dreams and professional aspirations of outstanding students who lost their parents might come true. If it wasn’t for the financial assistance Temple University provided to her over 5 decades ago, Goldsmith could not have attended college. Nor would she have been able to take advantage of the professional opportunities she could only dream about as a 17 year old without financial resources or family support.

In memory of her father, Goldsmith endowed the Abraham D. Goldsmith SIG Scholarship at the City College of New York in 2010. The scholarship is awarded to outstanding students whose parents came to America seeking a better life for their children.

As of 2022, 42 SIG Scholarships have been awarded.

Joyce Rasing, a four time recipient of the SIG Scholarship at Temple University, provided the inspiration for this website and represents the best qualities of a SIGScholar.

SIG stands for Straw Into Gold.

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